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Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Paddle

Everyone knows that Summer is the most popular time of the year for paddle boarding and kayaking, however, what you may not know is it really isn’t the best time of year to paddle.

Here are 3 Reasons why we think Fall is the Best Time of Year to Paddle: 


    • After Labor Day Weekend, the kids are back at school and that summer feeling is gone. The fall season is officially here and you know what that means…. that’s right, FOOTBALL! It’s the season of tailgating,watch parties, and gatherings to watch your favorite teams play all weekend long. You’ve got college games on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday and Monday. That doesn’t leave much time for taking the boat out, going fishing and paddling on the water. But that’s what makes it the best time for us non-motorized paddlers! With minimal boat traffic, even on the weekend, we get that calm lake all to ourselves!
    • Lake Georgetown can be a pretty windy lake. All year long, we see alot of 15-30 mph winds, which is not exactly the best conditions for paddle boarding and kayaking. If it’s all work and no play, that kind of takes the fun out of it, am I right? Once September hits and the temperatures start to drop a little (from 100° to 90°, because Texas…) we see the winds die down quite a bit as well. Especially in the mornings, the lake will look like glass it is so still.
    • Now that the weather is slowly starting to cool down, we will start seeing those perfect 75° days and the mornings/evenings will start to cool even more. The water, however, continues to stays warm enough to swim in through October. So many people have been asking me about the water temperatures for the past week, and because it has cooled down people think that the water is also coldnow, but it’s actually still warm from the summer season. That perfect afternoon sunshine, combined with warmer waters from the summer really make the fall the perfect time to paddle!





The picture below was taken by owner, Morghan Embry, on November 12th of last year! **Perks of living in Central Texas** We still get those perfect sunny days to get out and enjoy the lake two weeks before Thanksgiving!


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